Halloween: The Worst Treats!

I have to say that when taking my kids trick or treating the people giving out candy have reached new lows or highs if you take into account how much joy these absolutely atrocious “treats” have given me.

Back when my two oldest boys were one and two we went trick or treating as the cast from the wizard of oz. My sister was Dorothy, My ex-husband was the good witch, Glenda, and my boys were the tin man and the cowardly lion, one of my sister’s friends was the scarecrow and my mothers dog Bingo was Toto.

We pulled that off really Good!

When we went trick or treating though was actually the best part. We went trick or treating in my mothers neighborhood and about half way through our circuit of the neighborhood at a casual acquaintance’s house we were given Raman noodles. I do not know if they ran out of candy or what but won the award for the worst Halloween treat ever! Each of my kiddies got a package of chicken flavored Raman noodles.

This totally topped what I traditionally considered the worst Halloween treats:


Bit O’ Honey

And the worst!

That weird peanut butter toffee that comes in black and orange wax paper!

This year though with the three ninjas and my Georgia bulldogs cheerleader (my sister picked this year) the package of Raman noodles was trumped big time!

When I was sneaking my one year old’s candy I found a zip-lock bag with a heavy yellow piece of cardboard like paper in it. On the piece of paper there was an advertisement for a landscaper with pictures of his decorative rock designs with about six samples of the decorative rocks in the bag. Yes, they gave them rocks instead of candy, decorative albeit, but still rocks! Rocks in a plastic bag no less!

Horrible, maybe I am a bit twisted, funny as hell!

Made my Halloween!

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