Christmas Craft Fails

So I started the day with penguin clay pot ornaments that I really wanted to make for my mother, she loves “Pemgwims” but both the paint and the painter, yes, that’s me, failed. I was putting on the second coat of white paint and it looked lumpy. It was the same paint I used for the first coat, so it should have been fine only two days later, but no, that’s my luck lately. Adding water to my brush, I hoped to get out some of the lumps  but only managed to separate and smooth them.

20161211_194543 20161211_194520

Once mostly smoothed I added the black, oh me, my hands were unsteady and the more I tried to fix it, the more I screwed up! Finally, I just packed them up and stopped looking at them. So then I went in search of a new ornament and found these crocheted stars. They looked easy enough and I had some eyelash  yarn and went to work at the free pattern from Persia Lou.  Another OMG moment.

I think I am going to quit crafts for a moment. Besides, I have something my Momma will like just as much.

I am gonna put the sad little star on my Christmas tree anyway,



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