Aunt Virginia’s Awesome Halloween Hideaway!

aunt ginaMy beautiful and talented sister’s home is wonderfully creepy for the Halloween season. She does a spooktackuler job decorating but it does have it’s pitfalls:


14322331_10154089564589285_629737936594065881_n 14344936_10154089564889285_1448114277867739204_n14355127_10210663949097708_2826598426735265726_nIt is a shame about uncle AJ but look at those pictures, it was so worth it!

Let’s see the rest! I am sure you can look in on Aj in the back yard. Gina is quick with a shovel!14358981_10154091854219285_3408196403915791752_npitfalls on halloween 14358981_10154091854219285_3408196403915791752_n

14433221_10154091632039285_669446358816508896_n 14358977_10154091854129285_6144624375077147165_n 14448787_10154091854149285_8166397732543500835_n
pitfalls on halloween

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