Give Me A1 or Give Me…Well, Nothing



Let me preface this by saying this is not about “Fine Dining” if it were I would not be talking about A1 sauce at all. I know they only way to eat steak is in it’s own juices or in the spices the chef chose to enhance the natural flavor of the steak. My step dad taught me all that.



Sometimes eating out is just about comfort or not:


This happened to me a while back and more recently at April’s Country Kitchen, I went in and ordered chopped steak, which we all know is actually an oversized hamburger patty oftentimes with mushrooms.  For me this is a comfort food that I often want when I am sick but need to get out of the house, not lay in bed. When I was little I would get it at Ponderosa with my Gramma and my Momma. At ponderosa I would get the steak and a baked potato with lotsa butter and sour cream and then proceed to eat both with a lot of A1 sauce. I had my best times in Ferguson with my Momma and my Grandma.


That food association is very strong for me so when I go into a place and order chopped steak or steak as the case maybe and ask for A1 by name and am given a bargain basement off brand steak sauce it really ticks me off and ruins the entire meal for me. I am there for the A1 not the off brand.


What makes it even worse is after this happening at the Cambridge, Oh family diner  I first ASKED the waitress at April’s Country Kitchen before ordering my food because it looked like a similar establishment, and I was told they did have A1. I was happy as a clam until my food arrived and was given a generic steak sauce after asking for A1 before ordering.


It took everything in my power not to lose it right then and there. I am sorry, if you own a restaurant you never, ever give generic steak sauce to your customers. Especially customers like me who buy the same off brands you do with the exception of steak sauce.There is no shame in buying off brands unless you are buying for your restaurant! When people go out to eat it is special and they are paying more than they would at home for a meal and DO NOT want to pay for the same things they already have at home. Yeah, I saw the labels on your ketchup and mustard too. The difference is I would NEVER buy generic steak sauce and neither would any restaurant worth eating at. I cannot believe you charge for some of the food you serve because it obviously came from the same place as your steak sauce, ketchup and mustard came from. You should be ashamed.
Instead of saying anything, I paid and left and will never return. I will also discourage others from going which I figure will have better results than complaining to the owners who apparently think their sub-par restauranteering is just fine for the people they are serving. Perhaps the patrons wise up and the owners will figure out their customers deserve better because what they are serving up proves what they think about their customers.

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